Muro is the operative centre of a team of colourists with wide expertise, famous stylists and beauticians.

Its business premises in Salamanca’s district are known for being undoubtedly “the most innovating within the industry in the last decades”.

Muro’s team understands how important it is to create a perfect bridal hair styling not only for the bride but also for her mother, the groom or their guests. We already went along with many customers thought this process, participating in some high-level weddings. Nothing is left to chance.

In Muro, you will get a personalized pampering program, from head to foot, we will take care of your visage, your skin youthfulness, hands and nails. So, each bride is assigned a VIP coordinator who will ensure appointments are followed up correctly and the ongoing program.

Consider us responsible for your beauty on your wedding day!

Muro’s two floors are situated behind a wide glass façade. On the first floor, the team takes over creating the world’s best colours. On the second floor you’ll find gentlemen men area and the groom room, designed by Crearte, where the best haircuts and style technics are performed.

Let us know your special needs and requests, we would be more than happy to assist you for such a special occasion.

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