Muro Madrid

Muro, beauty salon and hairdresser, located downtown Madrid in Salamanca’s district, is well known for being innovating within salons and beauty industry. It is used as headquarters for a team of experts, famous colourists, stylists and beauticians whose goal is evident: Improve your life. Our main asset are always people, meaning customers, partners and employees.

Muro uses natural products, as La Biosthetique does. We care for nature and advice customers individually according to their needs and wishes, that is always our major focus: their own nature and culture, their health and beauty.

The bride and groom room was designed by Crearte. Here we perform the best haircut and stylish technics. On the same floor you will find the barbershop, sober and modern area for men, and the bar. Below, on the ground floor, is the colour area, as well as style counters and treatment area. A place where shadows and nuances of next season are created.

The team is made up of a great number of recognized and future professionals of the salons and shooting industry. Our storefront offers a wide expositor where you can buy products from prodigy brand La Biosthetique.

Our team members and spaces allow us to create unforgettable experience, they make beauty alive. Beauty is a rule out of the law; it only needs skills, passion and professionalism.

Think on Muro as a private club where your name always remains on guest list and where the beauty needs are met.

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Muro’s greatness is due to our creativity and passion. Because we understand the importance of making a woman feel good, enhancing her natural beauty and personality at the time that we imagine unique and actual style for her.

Our experience along the past years also allows us to understand that if you want to be ahead of stylish vanguard you need talent but moreover you also need to respect some rules. Therefore, we created our technic.

With time and thanks to our partner’s help, we developed Muro 360º method, which is constantly evolving but remains loyal to primary pattern designed after a research process. Its core is wisdom, and this is Muro’s success secret.


Exceptional quality as our core value means providing most effective products,


Colour inspires and seduces.

Barber Shop

Specially created for modern and classic gentlemen, this area of the salon provides them unexpected experience.

Hair treatments

Hair treatments


The art of creating hair. Who has never dreamed of perfect hair?


Muro is the operative centre of a team of colourists with wide expertise, famous stylists and beauticians.


Beauty has many appearances and infinite possibilities.

Beauty Services

Skincare is our essence.


We work with the best firms to provide you the highest quality products. La Biosthetique shares our philosophy and mission. Biosthetique: marriage of life “bios” and beauty “eshetique”. Combination of most innovative research and the best natural substances. Personalized products for each skin and hair. This is our main goal!

Quality is not a condition, but a principle which we shape. We do it by nature every day.