Muro World

Muro represents the actual spirit of the main cities worldwide: dynamic – cosmopolite – successful

To look at life on a positive way and to feel comfortable with beauty. Muro provides its customers the highest quality services and products.

Health – Beauty – Tradition – Modernity

Beauty salon? Hairdresser? Barber Shop? Luxury SPA hair? None of these explains fully our concept; It involves all this and much more than this.

In Muro, we enforce the culture of technicality and shapes, of the good taste and appearance. It is part of our DNA, together with our professionals’ handicraft skills and services excellency.

Our qualification and rate are assigned by each of our customer. It is all about appreciating the value, not the quantity. Where handmade craft spirit agrees with the paradoxical dichotomy “tradition – innovation”. ¨Everything changes, nothing changes¨

We consider that our customers, our partners and our team members are essential and indispensable partners. They all contribute to create unforgettable experience, to give beauty life.

Customer wishes to feel good with her image, to see herself young and in accordance with her surroundings. She doesn’t want to wear “the most modern” and even less the future.

Muro’s method comes out by melting La Biosthetique’s Total Beauty culture with every corner of the salon, with every desire of a customer and with our expert’s knowhow. Maybe just melting Total Beauty with Muro’s DNA. 

Melting them together empowers their individual impact.

“Think on a positive way and enjoy life” (MARCEL CONTIER) is our core value and our working procedure; It helps us retaining our essence.

To connect = Beauty – Wellness – Environment